Radno vrijeme saune
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When planning to use the sauna, please let us know an hour in advance (either in person at the gym or over the phone) so that the sauna is heated in a timely manner to the optimum temperature.

Contact phone number: +38552501933


The sauna is a heated room intended for spiritual and physical relaxation. The sauna process, which ends with a relaxing shower and rest, will give you a feeling of peace.

The use of the sauna is free of charge for members of the Erny's gym fitness center, and if you are not a member, you can use the sauna with the payment of the regular price for one or more visits (see the price list of services).

About the Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is a closed wooden room designed for relaxation and relaxation. In one corner of the sauna there is a stove with stones that are poured with water, which raises the air temperature. The air temperature in the Finnish sauna can range from 60°C to 100°C, and the humidity is about 15%.

Due to the high temperature, it is recommended to visit the sauna for 8 to 15 minutes, depending on the individual feeling. After sauna, showering is mandatory for cooling the body and resting from approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

The entire procedure can be repeated 3 times. Visiting the sauna stimulates circulation, relieves tension and causes abundant sweating. After heavy sweating in the sauna, balance is achieved by increased fluid intake into the body.

After the Finnish sauna, it is recommended to use a cold shower, and massage with ice cubes to cool the body and restore balance.


Effects of sauna

The purpose of the sauna is relaxation and comfort, and in addition there are its considerable healing effects. Sauna enhances cold resistance and strengthens the entire immune system, accelerates circulation, strengthens the nervous system, cleanses the body of toxins, strengthens the heart, lowers pressure, accelerates digestion, helps with chronic bronchitis, rheumatism, arthrosis, hard joints. Sauna is the best way to detoxify that is achieved by excreting toxins by sweating, and accelerating internal secretion through the kidneys and lungs.

Sauna eliminates physical and psychological stress. Muscle pain and tension decreases, as saunas act to relax the muscular system and soften muscles. Sauna is the best way to cleanse the skin. Hot air opens pores on the skin and sweating removes dead cells from the skin, impurities and toxins.

Strengthening of the heart and digestive system occurs due to the strengthening of the nerve of Vagus, which slows the heart rate even when it is loaded while improving the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle. Strengthening Vagus enhances the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. At the first signs of colds or flu, sauna strengthens the body and significantly limits the reproduction of the virus.