Today's modern life is marked by events that surprise with their impact on our private and professional life. For this reason, fitness programs are interesting at every age and have a beneficial effect on the physical and psychological stability of a person.

At Erny's Gym fitness center you will find fitness that will meet the requirements of both top athletes and recreational athletes.

For each individual, a new member of the fitness center, an individual exercise program is made, depending on whether you want to increase muscle mass or shed excess weight.

Training programs

  • Scenic training program
  • Circular training for definition (the program is intended for females with excess weight. It can also be used by men, but in this case the loads within the exercises change.)
  • Muscle hypertrophy program (the program is intended for the development of muscle mass)
  • Aerobic training on orbitrek
  • Combined program (3 x weekly anaerobic or 2 x weekly aerobic)

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